Qatar – Khor Al Udaid Beach

Imagine a list perfect getaway holidays, and one would usually find soft sandy beaches and the pristine ocean waters listed high up on that list. An isolated far away place where you can escape the daily hassles that you are forced to face in your everyday life, and can simply exile yourself and embark on a soul searching journey. For those looking for the perfect beach getaway in the Middle East region, you definitely has to consider the Khor Al Udaid Beach of Doha, Qatar.

Photo credits - Patrick Gage

Photo credits - Patrick Gage

Photo credits - Patrick Gage

Photo credits - Patrick Gage

The Khor Al Udaid beach lies on a very strategic location in the southeastern region of the state of Qatar, just approximately 80 kilometers away from the center of Doha. What makes this beautiful place very famous is its wide variety of sand dunes that can pile up to a gigantic height of about 40 meters in some of its sections. Aside from this beach, other fine offers of Qatar are the Fuwairit beach and the Dukhan.

The Khor Al Udaid area is also recognized by the local people as the “Inland Sea”. The area represents an extraordinary setting that is formed by a very unique mishmash of geological and geomorphologic features that cannot be found elsewhere around the globe. Undeniably, this distinct features offer a very diverse spectacle that definitely mirrors natural beauty at its most raw and pure form.

As a result, the area breeds a predominant wilderness quality that attracts more than enough of its fair share of avid travelers. Each and every landscape unit of the area definitely plays a role in proving that this southern part of Qatar is one of the most atypical but appealing destinations around the world. This list of peculiar landscape features is consisted of the large mobile dunes, inland and coastal sabkha, the recently discovered salt hummocks , the tidal embayment system, the stony deserts, and the elevated mesas and rocky outcrops.

Photo credits - Roberto Arantes

Photo credits - Roberto Arantes

Aside from the very appealing physical structures of the landscape that comprises the beach of Khor Al Udaid in Qatar, the site’s flora and fauna also adds a high dose of instructive attractiveness to this top tourist destination. The flora components of the area represent those that are typically found in the Arabian Peninsula. As for the fauna, the group includes the species that are quite rare and regarded as threatened. These include the “dugong”, turtles, Ospreys, Arabian Gazelles, and the Arabian Oryx. The long distance migrant water fowls along with other rare species of birds also frequent this region of Qatar.

Because of that, the area not only serves as a prime location for recreation and relaxation. Instead, it serves as a splendid location where a unique ecosystem exists and prospers. Thus, the place can be used as a prime location for observing biological patterns and interactions of the otherwise missing components in natural habitats in other portions around the globe.

About the Author. Parthajit. Parthajit is a nature & landscape photographer and trekker with travel experience in the Indian Himalayas (Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh), Western Ghats (India), Thailand, New Zealand, and Japan.


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