Relaxing on Israeli Shores

Everybody has often seen photographs of tourists relaxing in the Dead Sea, floating and reading a newspaper. While experiencing the gems of being in the Dead Sea is an unforgettable experience, there’s plenty more along the Israeli shore to see and enjoy some fun in the sun. Here are a few recommended stops along Israel’s other coastlines for your consideration

Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv. Photo credit - RunnerAlan.

Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv. Photo credit - RunnerAlan.

Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv

Going to the beach in Tel Aviv means people-watching, so where else to go but where the masses are? The Gordon Beach at Tel Aviv is one of the most popular beach in Israel. The beach is nice and clean, and with plenty of amenities you can choose to relax in a lounger under the umbrella or just find a clear patch of sand and sun. Many swear by the Gordon Restaurant for tasty seafood snacks, refreshing salads, and other Middle Eastern treats. In the summer you can sometimes find a beach party or live music event going on, adding to the classic Tel Aviv seashore atmosphere.

Haifa Bay. Photo credit - Mprivoro.

Haifa Bay. Photo credit - Mprivoro.

Hof Hashaket, Haifa

Hof Hashaket is known as ‘the serene beach,’ mostly due to the fact that its location in Haifa Bay behind a breakwater makes it so calm it is virtually a salt water swimming pool. It is a very quiet place, perfect for relaxing in the sun and working on that golden brown tan. There are a few amenities in the area as well and the beach is easy to get to. Take note, though, that there are separate bathing days for men and women – Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday for women and Monday/Wednesday/Friday for men. Saturday is for both women and men.

Sea of Galilee. Photo credit - DavidKing.

Sea of Galilee. Photo credit - DavidKing.

The Beaches of Kineret, Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee has some heavy spiritual influence, but part of the draw to this region of the world is the breathtaking scenery – indeed watching a sunset along the shore of the sea is one of the most holy experiences you can get. The beaches around Kineret vary from rocky and pebble-strewn to long, white sandy coasts. Beyond the beaches, the area is full of historical sights, nature reserves, and walks along babbling brooks and streams. Stay at one of the resorts along the sea as many of them have their own private beaches.

Eilat beach. Photo credit - Or Hiltch.

Eilat beach. Photo credit - Or Hiltch.

Princess Beach, Eilat

Most of Eilat’s sunny Red Sea shores will remind you of a tropical Caribbean hideaway, with the bright multi-colored umbrellas, funky beats coming from the nearby bars, and a happy-go-lucky atmosphere. At night the scene turns decidedly romantic – and who wouldn’t after seeing one of the famous Eilat sunsets, a dazzling show of fire. The beaches are clustered together near the city so it’s easy to get around; in fact, if you strayed too far you’d end up across the border in nearby neighbor Jordan. Eilat is also great for water sports, diving/snorkelling, as well as cycling and driving tours of the desert.

If you Go…

While the waters are usually warm enough for a swim, watch out for strong undertow, sea urchins, and stinging coral almost anywhere along the Mediterranean coast. There is also a pollution problem in some areas. Don’t let that put you off – just be careful, relax, and enjoy, just like the Israelis do. And don’t forget your sun cream.

About the Author. Andy Hayes. Andy Hayes is a freelance travel writer and photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. When not crossing the world to have his next Asian travel adventures, he is hitting the walking trails near home. To get in touch or see Andy’s other travelogues, visit his website, Sharing Experiences.


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  1. Megan Eaves on Tue, 16th Jun 2009 2:08 am 

    these are amazing. you never think of beaches when you think of israel, but these photos are mouth-watering.

  2. Andy Hayes on Thu, 18th Jun 2009 9:26 am 

    Amazing, isn’t it? Its a shame some of the waters are difficult to swim but yes – another great missed opportunity in this region.

  3. Amy @ The Q Family on Fri, 19th Jun 2009 1:30 am 

    I agree that I hardly associate Israel with beaches but after seeing this post, it has opened my eyes and put Israel on the map for beach vacation. Great pictures!

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