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If you really want to go somewhere off the beaten track, head to Fiji. While yes, most people have heard of it, few realize how far away it is – floating out in the South Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and New Zealand. With turquoise blue waters and amazing palm-tree shores, Fiji isn’t a tough sell. Here are a few thoughts on things to do when you’re not lying in the sun sipping drinks with umbrella in them.

Photo credits - kalevkevad

Photo credits - kalevkevad

Visit a Traditional Village

You should take an opportunity to go and visit a traditional village. These trips can be arranged or you might just be invited if you make friends with the locals. If you go, stop by a shop and pick up some kava root, the traditional gift guests bring. On arrival, you’ll be offered a coconut shell full of yaqona, to be swallowed in one full gulp. It’s considered homeopathic in some countries, so enjoy it – it is rude to turn it down.

Afterwards, you’ll be invited to sit and chat with the villagers. This is may seem quite casual but it’s the traditional way for the locals to get to know each other. The best part is the children, who love guests and love their photo taken!

Photo credits - makani5

Photo credits - makani5

Walks and Waterfalls

Fiji has so many fantastic waterfalls it’s worth heading out to see a few; there are walking tours in many areas that include a waterfall option. Waterfalls are mostly on Viti Levu and Taveuni. The World of Waterfalls site has a great map showing you where all the falls are. You can join a waterfall walk with many of the forest tours, such as the Bouma Falls and Lavena Coastal Walk .

Photo credits - derekkeats

Photo credits - derekkeats

Scuba Diving

Given its remote destination, Fiji is a diver’s paradise. But it’s not just coral; check out the shark dive in Pacific Harbour (not for the amateur nor the faint of heart). It’s too adventurous for me so I can’t report first-hand! If something far more ‘light’ is your interest, then ask your accommodation to book a snorkelling trip. Great spots are ubiquitous and most resorts have special rates with a local operator, so ask if you can get a discount. One of the nicest places is Somosomo Strait where you’ll find the Great White Wall and Rainbow Reef.

Photo credits - timoshea95

Photo credits - timoshea95

Other Must Dos

Beyond those favorites, there are a couple more must-do experiences. You’ll love the ZIP Fiji experience, similar to the ever-so-popular ZIP options in South America (Costa Rica and Brazil come to mind).

And don’t miss out on the shopping! Ladies, check out the black pearls. One the reign of the Cook Islands, Fiji is now in on the game. In Savusavu Bay you can buy what they call Fiji Gold, very uniquely yellow-ish pearls. You can also pick up colourful clothing, arts, and crafts – just shop carefully because many crafts are imported and mass-manufactured.

Photo credits - Alex Kehr

Photo credits - Alex Kehr

If You Go

Fiji is unfortunately becoming more well-known for violent crime, especially in Suva. Be sure to use extreme caution at nightfall and take heed to any advice/warnings of your accommodation. The fact remains, though, that the Fijians are some of the warmest, friendliest people in all of Asia, so don’t let that impede any trip to Fiji. Head to Fiji when you have the chance!

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  1. Nomadic Matt on Sat, 5th Dec 2009 9:11 am 

    Ahhh fiji. It’s like paradise there…wait..not like..IS..paradise.

    Love the sunset photo

  2. Andy Hayes | Sharing Travel Experiences on Mon, 7th Dec 2009 10:49 am 

    Yes – IS paradise. :-)

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