Culinary Yogyakarta – Central Java

Yogyakarta, located in Central Java, is a province filled with mysticism and cultural charms. The location makes it an attractive option for tourists heading to visit the Borobudur Temple, while the charming colonial architectures of old give it a unique flavor who keeps those tourist staying for more. Eating in Yogyakarta is notoriously cheap compared to other tourist hotspots such as Bali and Jakarta, and as more and more people move to Yogya, the flavor of this small town has started to evolve.

4 Before you head back out to explore the town, pay a visit to Holland Bakery (Jl Jend Sudirman 48C) where you can stock up on various delicacies. Popular favorites include the Lapis Legit (Baked Layer Cake) and Bika Ambon (Honeycomb Cake).

5 For the more adventurous at heart, try out the Sate Kuda Gondolayu (Jl Jend Sudirman No 25), a small humble warung selling satays – grilled meats on a skewer. The only difference however, is that they sell exclusively horse meat satays, which were claimed to lack any fats and help improve blood circulation.

1 The Lekker Je Cafe (Jl Cik Di Tiro 22) is a nostalgic rock and roll establishment with an excellent atmosphere and ambiance. Hundreds of obsolete Laser Disc adorn the wall, paired with book, magazines and exotic posters from the 70s. This cafe is part of Hotel Mentana, a simple budget hotel suitable for backpackers or touring bikers.

2 I Cafe (Jl Cik Di Tiro 18) offers a wide range of food, from traditional Yogyakartans (Nasi Goreng Jawa, Mie Godhog Jawa, and more) to International fares (Spaghetti, various cuts of Steak, Fettucini, and more). The eating area is quite large, and the place is popular for its affordable yet good quality food.

3 For dessert and chocolate lovers, head to the aptly named Coklat (Jl Cik Di Tiro 17A), a small boutique cafe offering a variety of chocolate cakes and excellent coffee.

Kavos holidays represent the party atmosphere of Corfu. There is an enormous variety of bars, discos and nightclubs to choose from. The beach at Kavos is an impressive five miles long and the water is clean and safe for children.


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  1. flc on Thu, 11th Aug 2011 6:44 am 

    Just some additional culinary place that is worth to try:

    – Sawa Steaks & Grill (both the food and the ambience are heaven!)

    – Gubug Makan Mang Engking (superlicious prawn grilled with honey, and they make a very nice grass jelly ice with java coconut sugar).

    – Jogja Sae (the big and sweet Papua crab is a must try item here!).

    – Tohjoyo (an old-well-known fried chicken restaurant. i’ve been to this restaurant since like…forever, and the taste still never failed me.)

    – Mbok Jayus Gudeg (Jogja is best-known as Gudeg City, i believe you should put this on your article, even Mr. Bondan from Wisata Kuliner tried this gudeg before. This gudeg actually is located at Muntilan, half an hour drive from Jogja, but the taste is worth the journey. I mean there’s gotta be a valid reason why this place still run a good business from generation to generation).

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