Lost Paradise

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Dive back into nature and uncover the beauty in the small little things that create your personal paradise. It’s time to get lost in amazing Asia.

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In this issue
+ Leh Ladakh
+ New Zealand
+ Yunnan
+ Puerto Princesa, the Island Life
+ Hong Kong – More than Shopping
+ Singapore Shopping Hotspots
+ Kuta Beach Getaway
+ Unusual Festivals
+ Ride Like a Khan
+ A Sense of Touch


Dian Adriani, Traveling Fashionista

June 14, 2010 by  
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Please tell us about yourself. What do you do? What is your passion?
I’m Dian Adriani. I run a company specializing in ready-to-wear garments where I work as the Designer and Creative Director for our brands. We have ADRIANI, a high-end ready-to-wear line, and LILOU, a youth-spirited and affordable line. Fashion and films has always been my passion since I was a little girl. It is always fun to create concept inspired by strong characters in the movies, visualizing them to wear what I create.

Share with us your love of travel. What was your most memorable travel experience?
Traveling has always been something that I look forward to, whether for work or for vacation. It’s the perfect to try new dishes, new local activities, and explore different point of views. It is important to refresh and enrich the mind. Currently, I travel frequently to Bali to supervise the Radiant Hotel in Tuban. But before, when I was doing my studies in France, I traveled even more! I love exploring the various European cities such as Barcelona, Florence and London.

One of my most memorable experience is when i visited Ile de Ré in France. Together with my cousin and her friend, we decided to do a tour around the island on bicycles. We simply rode around, being mesmerized by the warmth atmosphere of the villages and vineyards. We conveniently forgotten how far the way back was, and ended up laughing at our joint pains when we got home.


Which one is your favorite place, and why?
My favorite city is Bruges in Belgium. The medieval architectures and the canals made me feel like I’m in a children story book. What I love also is how I can wander around the city and unexpectedly find cute little boutiques.

What is your favorite activity or attractions in that particular city?
Bruges is filled with the spirit of craftsmanship. I had the chance to see amazing handmade lace-makers in process and I was truly impressed by their ability to concentrate in meticulous details. I also enjoyed tasting as many sweets and chocolates in the confectioneries. It is truly a dreamy city.

Can you share with us your perfect beach holiday? What is your idea of a “dream paradise”?
When I think of beach I always think of Bali because of the wonderful weather and the friendly local people. There are also many options whether to go in a calm beach to play with the family, to try water sports, or to enjoy sunset parties. My dream paradise is undoubtedly fictional. A fair on top of white cotton clouds full of rainbow colored hanging lanterns, countless types of sweets and pretty objects.

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Unearthing Asia is a travel zine focusing on Lifestyle, Culture and Attractions all over Asia. Don’t miss out on the best Family Holidays ideas and inspirations in the region of Asia, such as this list of must do things in Bali.

12 Must-Do Things in Bali

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From water-sports to shopping, the island of Bali has it all. Pamper yourself with a chocolate spa treatment before partying the night away at one of its trendiest nightspots, all this while squeezing a gourmet meal in between. Here are some of the must-do things in the Islands of God.

Photo credit – Sean McGrath

Photo credit – Sean McGrath

Hide Away

No trip to Bali is complete without experiencing the hillside tranquility of Ubud. Fresh off winning the prestigious Conde Nast Traveler Magazine award as the World’s Best City, the small hill-side town is now abuzz with tourism and renewed popularity. However, there are still spots to relax and unwind. Head to Dirty Duck Cafe (Warung Bebek Bengil) for a tasty serving of crispy, deep fried duck with mouth-watering sambal on the side. Various trekking and cycling tours are also available for you to take through the maze of never-ending terraced paddy fields.

Photo credit – Stella Blu

Photo credit – Stella Blu

Dress Up

When it comes to shopping in Bali, there is only one place for fashionable trendsetting locals who knows not to judge a book by its cover – Seminyak. This shopping area on the southern coast of Bali is filled with fashionable treasures waiting for you to unearth. BIASA is the undisputed queen of fashion, a chapel of cool selling classics for grown ups and a few flirty styles for the younger crowd too. Other local favorites are Paul Ropp, Papillion, Innuendo and Flamingo, which you can read further in our exploration of Seminyak.

Photo credit - Metal Marna

Photo credit - Metal Marna

Arts & Crafts

The arts and crafts scene in Bali is well developed and highly sought after in the international market. Numerous artists have made Bali their home, drawing from the colorful culture and charming island life Bali has to offer as their inspiration. Balinese wood carving is popular amongst tourists, and you can find some of the best in business at Tegallalang, Pujung and Sebatu. For elegant ceramics, Jenggala Ceramics in Jimbaran is the place to go. The spacious gallery, just 10 minutes away from the airport, offers world-class, locally made crockery at reasonable prices, in a wide range of designs.

Photo credit – yummiec00kies

Photo credit – yummiec00kies

Surf’s Up

While Bali is no longer a frontier surfing destination, it still boasts some of the best surfing spots in the world. It has over 20 top quality breaks on the southwest and southeast coast of the island, and there are a wide range of breaks to cater all skill levels. Beginners can head to Kuta Beach to enroll at the various surfing schools available, while other areas, such as Uluwatu and Padang, offer world-class reef-breaks for those of higher skill level.

Photo credit - chee.hong

Photo credit - chee.hong

Dolphin Watch

Tourists can head towards Lovina, 3 hours north of Kuta, which is famed for their dolphin sight-seeing tours. These tours leave the main beaches each morning at dawn, with the price usually set at Rp75,000 per person. If you are in a group, chartering your own boat maybe a more worthwhile option.

Photo credit - ValerioVeo

Photo credit - ValerioVeo

Sip a Good Martini

For Bali’s best martini, drop into the legendary Naughty Nuri’s Warung on Jl Raya Sanggingan, a 10-minute drive west from the centre of Ubud. The classic chilled martini and margaritas are some of the best you’ll find on the island, and they also serve a mean pork ribs. The atmosphere is casual and relaxing, a perfect way to while away your afternoon after a tiring day.


Party Away

If partying is high on your list then the Kuta Beach area is where you want to go. Here, the party starts late at around midnight and goes on all night into the wee hours of the morning. Think noisy discotheques full of drunk tourists and locals, with various dance shows to draw in the crowd. Hulu Cafe prides itself as “the only real gay bar in Bali”, and has drag shows three times a week which can be quite fun. Casablance, Peanuts, Bounty Ship, M-Bar-Go and Sky Garden are a few of the numerous watering holes in the area ready to serve you whatever drinks you may want.


Pamper Yourself

As the bastion of luxury travel in South East Asia, Bali boasts some of the world’s best in the art of spa pampering. Kayumanis Private Villa & Spa offers the ultimate indulgence – a pampering of chocolate spa treatment. It combines traditional Balinese massage using chocolate oils, followed with a chocolate scrub, chocolate bath, chocolate facial and finally, a serving of chocolate ice cream to top it off at the end. Plenty other hotels and villas offers high-quality Balinese massage using special medicated oils to help you relax and unwind.

Photo credit - Metis

Photo credit - Metis

Eat Like a King

Bali is home to some of the finest restaurants in the region, offering high-end culinary treats mixed with the great island atmosphere and friendly face. Over the years, there have been a few mainstays, such as the legendary Ku De Ta, Sarong Bali, and Kafe Warisan (which is now revamped as Metis). The price is steep, but like they always said, you do get what you pay for.

Photo credit - Mr Wabu

Photo credit - Mr Wabu

Water Sports

Tanjong Benoa is Bali’s premier water-sports hub, with various activities available for you to choose from. Parasailing, snorkeling, jet-skis, wake-boarding and banana-boats are but a few of the choices available here. There are also white-water rafting operators further up north, near Ubud area, with the the Telagawajah and Ayung River being two of the most popular options.

Photo credit - Ilse Rejis and Jan-Noud Hutten

Photo credit - Ilse Rejis and Jan-Noud Hutten

Scuba Diving

There are quite a few scuba diving sites around Bali. Some of the popular ones are – wreck-divingat Tulamben in the east, the serene reefs around Menjangan Island, and drift diving off Nusa Penida in the south. For beginners there are also various dive centres affiliated with PADI and SSI offering introductory courses.

Photo credit - Flashpacking Life

Photo credit - Flashpacking Life

Climb Mount Agung

Mount Agung is the highest mountain on the island of Bali, which holds a huge spiritual significance to the people of the island and is home to the Temple of Besakih. There are three climbing routes up the mountain, and all are quite difficult and only suitable for the physically fit. The rewards however, are most definitely worth it, with some awe-inspiring views of the mountains across flat rubble plains. Getting a local guide is a must, with fees varying from USD40 to USD100 depending on how you arrange the guide, the route taken and the level of English expected of the guide.

Travel smarter! If your looking for the best deals on Bali hotel prices, head on to SmartHotelComparison.com for a one-stop portal which allows you to compare prices from over 500 booking websites!

Unearthing Asia is a travel zine focusing on Lifestyle, Culture and Attractions all over Asia. Don’t miss out on the best last minutes holidays ideas and inspirations in the region of Asia, such as this list of top attractions in Ho Chi Minh City.

Kuta Beach Getaway

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Bali has been Indonesia’s top tourist destination for decades, with Kuta Beach establishing itself as a surfing mecca on Asia’s popular backpacking route in South East Asia. Long golden beaches, stunning coral reefs, a vibrant island culture, international cuisines, luxury shopping, and world-class surfing are just a few of the activities that visitors can enjoy here. Today, Kuta is known as much for its luxury accommodations, fancy restaurants, and posh nightclubs as it is for its wild parties and festivities. Amongst it all we managed to find a few rare gems that have injected a fresh dose of creativity to the lifestyle and glamour of this once sedate fishing village.

Eats – Local Favorites

Smack in the middle of Kuta Square, Dulang Cafe serves unpretentious local cuisine at a reasonable price. You’ll probably notice the bright greenish-blue canopy while you walk and shop around the area. Head in and you’ll find some of the best local fare in town, such as the juicy Sop Buntut (Oxtail Soup), which comes in two versions – one with fried meat, and another with stewed meat. Other local favorites include Ayam Penyet and the spicy Sambal Terasi that comes with it!


Play – Surf and Turf

Surfing is the name of the game at Kuta Beach. There are a number of options for surfers of every age and ability, so there’s no reason to miss out on the fun. Kuta Beach is famous for its sandy bottom, which not only creates a relatively safe environment for those just learning, but also allows surfers to cut loose without having to think about any coral reefs or rocks lurking below the surface of the water. Beginners can take their pick of various surfing schools in the area. Two of the most popular are Rip Curl School of Surf and Quiksilver Surf School Bali.

Photo credot - Meaduva

Photo credot - Meaduva

Drinks – Party On

Not far from the Bali bombing memorial, M-Bar-Go, a large two-story bar has recently opened and created some fierce competition with other dance bars in the area. A favorite with expats and locals alike, M-Bar-Go has great music and even holds the occasional fashion show to spice up the atmosphere. Right next to it, Sky Garden is another happening venue.

Stay – Boutique Charm

Deep inside the famed Poppies Lane, dekuta boutique hotel has just recently opened its doors. The hotel is just steps away from the Kuta beachfront, but secluded enough to keep you away from the bin and din of the local nightlife. This unpretentious hotel offers a blend of unique personality and chic interior design. Travelers can expect comfort, ambiance, and flair at an affordable price. We recommend heading to the depalm rooftop bar and lounge to enjoy a mesmerizing Kuta sunset for a fresh change from the usual crowded bars of Kuta.

Unearthing Asia is a travel zine focusing on Lifestyle, Culture and Attractions all over Asia. Don’t miss out on the best Family Holiday Deals and inspirations in the region of Asia, such as this list of divers paradise in Indonesia.

A Tale of Four Cities

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For our Issue 02 of the magazine, we share with you travel tales from four cities all over Asia – Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and Seoul – and much more!

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In this issue
+ Shanghai Hip
+ Singapore’s Dempsey
+ The Heart of Seoul
+ Sydney’s Culture Capital
+ Tasty Taiwan
+ The Art of Humanity
+ Asia’s Little Dragon
+ Wellness for the Soul
+ Chic Melbourne
+ Jakarta Capital Treats
+ Bali, Romance in Paradise


The Islands of South East Asia

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We are very pleased to unveil our most recent project,
a travel publication focusing on Lifestyle, Culture and Attractions all around Asia. If you’re in the region of South East Asia, do pick up a copy and don’t hesitate to send in your comments and thoughts.

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In this issue
+ The Islands of South East Asia
+ Raja Ampat, Phuket, Puerto Princesa
+ Koh Pha Ngan, Bali
+ New Zealand’s Splashing Lake Taupo
+ A Guide to Middle Eastern Cuisine
+ Heeding the Call of Asia
+ Spotlight on Jakarta
+ Flashpacking Essentials
+ A Tropical Affair


The Morning Ritual

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It is well before dawn in the paradise land of the Gods of Bali, Indonesia. As the sun approaches, the ladies of Bali are dutifully performing a morning ritual which has been the tradition since centuries past. To outsiders, it is but a simple day-to-day offering and morning preparation of food, but in the tradition of Bali, the “ngejot” offerings are so much more than that.

Photo credits - kcl_seattle

Photo credits - kcl_seattle

This morning ritual begins with the Balinese women rising well before dawn to prepare for ngejot. It is considered extremely impolite to eat before the ritual, so people will abstain from eating until the ritual is finished. The preparation begins at the same time the morning meal is prepared, and similarly as well – by boiling water and cooking rice.

The Balinese believes that “ngejot” will keep a harmonious relationship between the world of the humans and the world of the Gods, and as such it is a ritual that you would always see every morning in the houses of local Balinese. The ritual is prepared in the kitchen, a sacred place according to Balinese tradition, as well as the various tools used to prepare the ritual offerings.

Photo credits - StrudelMonkey

Photo credits - StrudelMonkey

Once the rice is cooked, it is then time to assemble the “nasi jotan” which will be used as prayer offerings. Using banana palm leaves cut into small squares, the rice is placed accordingly and on top of a traditional holy bamboo tray known as “kumarang”. Additional decoration are placed on top of these rice offering as a way to appease the Gods.

A Balinese lady will then prepare herself for the ritual – she must put on a “kamben”, a traditional Balinese sarong, worn with a “santeng” that is tied around their waist at the beginning of the ritual. The prayer offerings are to be palced around various points of the kitchen and areas of the house as an offering to the God, a way of saying thank you for keeping the harmony intact.

The ritual gives one an insight into the local culture of Bali, a place where religious mysticism abounds, and the magical often comes alive. The Balinese believes that a proper “ngejot” will help the kitchen become a source of protection, and will help repel negative energies or attacks from the world of the spirits.

About the Author. Char Magalong. Char Magalong, freelance web designer and programmer, spent two years living, working and traveling in Singapore. Another two years stint right after that in Malaysia led to homesickness, after which she promptly returned to the Philippines. With her myriad of treasured experiences for apt comparison, she comments regularly on the beauty of Philippines and its surrounding country side.

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