Hotel Tugu Malang – Charming Classical Java

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Malang is a city that is often called the loveliest town in South East Asia during the colonial times, surrounded by the beautiful treasures of Java and the remains of temples of the Majapahit and the Singosari kingdoms. This was where Dutch planters and civil servants used to retire to a life of ease and luxury, surrounded by serene hilly apple and tea plantations.

It is here in Malang that we have found the heart of East Java – the small, intimate Hotel Tugu Malang is bursting with atmosphere. A rare gem distinguished by its blend of Indonesian art and history, Hotel Tugu Malang is an elegant mansion that tells the stories of Indonesia’s forgotten heritage and houses priceless collection of antiques in every corner of the hotel.

Together with Hotel Tugu Blitar, the Hotel Tugu Malang is the most authentic, richly cultural accommodation in East Java which also serves as the only interesting departure point for an early morning trip to the magnificent sunrise at Mt. Bromo, as well as to explore the hidden exotic beauty of East Java.

The masterpiece suite of Hotel Tugu Malang, the Apsara Residence, portrays the romantic legend of prince Jayawarman II, who once upon a time asked for a beautiful wife to cherish. The Gods sent the most beautiful Apsara dancer from heaven to dance for the Prince over three full moons. The dancer fell in love with the prince and remained on earth. Their love inspired many through generations.

The Apsara Spa at Hotel Tugu Malang celebrates the romantic relationship between Indonesia and Cambodia hundreds of years back. The Apsara Spa is an oasis of peace, secluded from the outer world. One of Apsara Spa’s specialized body treatment packages is ‘Day Dream in Angkor’: a thorough 4-hour, romantic couple treatment that uses special recipes that contain various kinds of herbs, traditional spices and local exotic flowers.

When the sun sets behind the mountains, sit back and enjoy the 101 dining experiences available at Tugu Malang. At Tugu, every meal transports guests back to different periods of Indonesia. Every dining room features not only different food concepts, but themes, rituals of service and atmospheres which are unique from one another.

The Sugar Baron Room, for example, commemorates the memory of the most famous sugar baron of Southeast Asia who lived in Java, and features very rare and exquisite Chinese-Indonesian antiquities. The Silk Road Pavilion, for the romantics, is a feast for the brilliant thoughts of the world’s great artists from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods.

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