Singapore Custom Made Shopping

October 13, 2011 by  
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Photo credit - Singapore Tourism Board

The urban jungle of Singapore is a brewing pot of creativity and unique shopping concepts that are hard to find anywhere else in the SE Asia region. No wonder tourists list shopping as one of the top things to do in Singapore! From high-end luxury brands to chevap knock-offs, the little red dot has it all. This time, we focus our lens on Singapore’s custom-made movement and some uniquely Singaporean products.

1. LOVE SG. This local brand represents a new approach to local souvenirs and gifts. Through designs which appeal not just to tourists but locals as well, the brand incorporates a quirky part of Singapore into each product, blending local flavors with international appeal. Instead of cheap low-quality souvenirs, go to their stockists at the Esplanade Shop as well as Trolley (88 Club Street) to hunt for great-looking products with a unique Singapore-centric twists. Their design motto says it all : fun, inspiring and slightly surprising. (

2. CYC The Custom Shop. Established in 1935, CYC The Custom Shop is a Singapore institution with their flagship store located at Raffles Hotel Arcade. Established by founder Chiang Yick Ching, a humble tailor from Shanghai, the fastidious workmanship, quality control and fine attention to detail have become a trademark of the CYC Brand. Through the years, CYC has built a solid reputation as Singapore’s finest shirt maker, famed for creating comfortable shirts that fit perfectly as well as being known for quality workmanship and outstanding service. For best results call ahead to schedule an appointment with their Master Tailor before heading down to the store.

3. Mother and Child Project. This is a social enterprise run by the Singapore Anglican Community Service, the first non-profit social enterprise of Get Singapore. The enterprise helps train women to sew and to create a range of products for Mother and Child Project. This allows the women to become economically self-sufficient, as well as work from home and independently. Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind, so you can wear them with pride.

4. BagAge. This unique boutique located on the 3rd floor of Far East Plaza is the realization of two friends who believe in individuality and appreciate a bag for its design and not it’s label. The boutique allows its customers the ability to personalize clutches and handbags. Customers can choose from various ornaments to be paired with a bag of their color and style choice. The result is a one-of-a-kind custom bag that will exude your personality and individualism. (

5. Ministry of Press. The Ministry of Press is a collective of international t-shirt designers who believe in creating the best designer t-shirts through creative collaboration and stringent designer quality control. Customers can select a fresh, original and limited design to create a t-shirt of your size and color choice from a wide variety of American Apparel styles. Each designs are limited to 100 worldwide, making each t-shirt truly unique. (