Introducing Dempsey

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Dempsey, Eden in the City

Dempsey, Eden in the City

Listen to the cacophony of the traffic dwindle into a distance as you pace your way towards Dempsey Hill. Within minutes, tranquil and greenery unfold with every step up Dempsey road, leading you gently into a hidden paradise right at the doorstep of Singapore’s bustling Orchard Road.

Hardly a hill per se, Dempsey Hill has a history as a nutmeg plantation in its primitive days. It also housed the British army barracks a century ago and it was the headquarters for young Singaporean soldiers serving their national duty in the 1970s. Today, it has become a popular hangout spot for urbanites seeking the perfect escapade from the chaos of the city. Its colonial architectures are delicately preserved and restored, composing a rustic, yet homely aura. Rows of single-storey houses are lined up in an orderly fashion, well spaced from each other with lush flora encapsulating the vicinity.

“Every corner brings you something different!” raved Ms Kee Luah, PR and Marketing Consultant of Dempsey Hill. Over here, a galore of restaurants, galleries, furniture and lifestyle retail stores, bars and cafes keep you entertained. In the day, Dempsey Hill is a place perfect for solitude time away from crowds and the normalcy of life, luring creative individuals to hang around for fresh inspirations. The lunch crowd gathers, but it is nothing compared to how the area transforms as night falls.


A chill-out place popular amongst the locals, the hill ruptures with life at dusk. Ferraris, Lamborghinis and BMWs fire in and the arena bustles with elites dressed to the nines, all ready to let loose for party-going. Unlike the claustrophobic metropolis, people in Dempsey emanate a festive feel, leaving you feeling refreshed and enlightened.

With over 20 restaurants and bars offering a vast variety of cuisine from all over the world, not only does the natural charm of Dempsey enhance every dining experience, it is also a place where we witness culinary craft of a whole new dimension.

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Culinary Treats at Dempsey

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Did you know that gunpowder can spruce up your palate indulgence? Well, it is so at Dempsey Hill. The Prime Society restaurant has a 150-seater dining capacity. With crimson brick pillars extending to the high ceiling, its ambience offers you a sense of grandeur filled with the thick aroma of pan-Asian spices and, maybe, a tinge of gunpowder.

Australian chef Mr. Damon Amos sizzles with passion as he shares his extensive knowledge on the various cuts of steak on offer, the different cattle-rearing methods and how these methods lend each cut of steak a unique flavor.

“In short, we (The Prime Society) are all about diversity,” says Damon, who affably introduces himself as Dee. This belief is evident in their assortment of steak selections available on their menu. The gunpowder steak is one that captures attention.

Gunpowder is essentially made up of elements such as potassium and magnesium, which are required parts of a balanced diet. The gunpowder that is used goes through stringent checks to ensure that there are no traces of sulphur in its content before serving. The question is, where do they get the gunpowder? “I concoct it myself,” Dee reveals. For those game enough for novelty, this is one dish you’ll have to try.


Watch how food engages not just our taste buds but entices our visionary and creative senses as well. Gourmet artistry is what The Tippling Club is all about. A blend of aesthetics and science, it is a wonder to see food in an unconventional presentation, yet still taste remarkably good. To enjoy the overall experience, the golden spot is at the bar where guests get to witness the owners in action. Award-winning mixologist Matthew Bax and Chef Ryan brought their expertise from down under Australia, and are now capturing the hearts of the local market with their degage concept tinged with élan.

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Dempsey Art Village

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Dempsey, Art Village

Dempsey, Art Village

The hill has attracted many business owners from all over the world. For those with a penchant for the East, Dempsey certainly enchants. The majority of the retail outlets here are thematically Asian, bringing about various Asian heritages from all over the region. There is a mélange of art galleries, furniture stores and lifestyle boutiques, most of which import their exhibits and products exclusively from all over Asia, enlivening the place with a collage of Asian touches.

Rouge, a French-design boutique with an Asian twist houses designs by French/Khmer designer Romyda Keth, who brings with her a fluent mix of her Cambodian roots and European influences. Romyda uses flamboyant colours coupled with fabric experimentations to churn out designs that enticed even the Queen of Spain and the Princess of Japan! From fashion wear to accessories, home furniture to lightings, there is a plethora of lifestyle inspirations to choose from, including those of designers Michele d’Albert and Catherine Denoual.

Almost an art village, Dempsey Hill is also where fine art enthusiasts hang around to check out artworks and antiques from all over the globe. The galleries here represent a good blend of international masterpieces and feature a number of Chinese, Indonesian and Vietnamese artists. It might be the the idyllic settings of the hill, but Dempsey Hill possesses the right atmosphere for the mind to stay clear of other distractions in life and dwell deep into the inspiration behind each artwork.

It is no wonder that Ms. Sharon Boh-Friberg, owner of designer eyewear boutique Seen@Dempsey is still very much charmed by Dempsey’s beauty. Ms. Boh Friberg recalls her first impression of the hill. “I fell in love with the lush greenery and its historical architecture. It is a secret garden within the city.” When the idea of opening a boutique optical store came to mind, she instantly thought that Dempsey would be the perfect place to open shop.

Over the years, Dempsey Hill has continued to flourish with vibrancy and oomph. The vicinity is also expanding rapidly, attracting a wide variety of retail and dining concepts to boost its appeal. While it is indeed paradise found amid the clutter of the Singapore cityscape, to enjoy everything and anything, you’ll have to pay a price. Get your wallet ready for a splurge.

That aside, experiencing Dempsey Hill and its charming way of life is itself, a priceless encounter. Looking at how it has evolved and flourished since its launch in 2007, Dempsey Hill has now transcended to truly reflect its tagline “Paradise Found,” – with much more to surprise and marvel at down the pike.

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