Dian Adriani, Traveling Fashionista

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Please tell us about yourself. What do you do? What is your passion?
I’m Dian Adriani. I run a company specializing in ready-to-wear garments where I work as the Designer and Creative Director for our brands. We have ADRIANI, a high-end ready-to-wear line, and LILOU, a youth-spirited and affordable line. Fashion and films has always been my passion since I was a little girl. It is always fun to create concept inspired by strong characters in the movies, visualizing them to wear what I create.

Share with us your love of travel. What was your most memorable travel experience?
Traveling has always been something that I look forward to, whether for work or for vacation. It’s the perfect to try new dishes, new local activities, and explore different point of views. It is important to refresh and enrich the mind. Currently, I travel frequently to Bali to supervise the Radiant Hotel in Tuban. But before, when I was doing my studies in France, I traveled even more! I love exploring the various European cities such as Barcelona, Florence and London.

One of my most memorable experience is when i visited Ile de Ré in France. Together with my cousin and her friend, we decided to do a tour around the island on bicycles. We simply rode around, being mesmerized by the warmth atmosphere of the villages and vineyards. We conveniently forgotten how far the way back was, and ended up laughing at our joint pains when we got home.


Which one is your favorite place, and why?
My favorite city is Bruges in Belgium. The medieval architectures and the canals made me feel like I’m in a children story book. What I love also is how I can wander around the city and unexpectedly find cute little boutiques.

What is your favorite activity or attractions in that particular city?
Bruges is filled with the spirit of craftsmanship. I had the chance to see amazing handmade lace-makers in process and I was truly impressed by their ability to concentrate in meticulous details. I also enjoyed tasting as many sweets and chocolates in the confectioneries. It is truly a dreamy city.

Can you share with us your perfect beach holiday? What is your idea of a “dream paradise”?
When I think of beach I always think of Bali because of the wonderful weather and the friendly local people. There are also many options whether to go in a calm beach to play with the family, to try water sports, or to enjoy sunset parties. My dream paradise is undoubtedly fictional. A fair on top of white cotton clouds full of rainbow colored hanging lanterns, countless types of sweets and pretty objects.

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