Dempsey Art Village

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Dempsey, Art Village

Dempsey, Art Village

The hill has attracted many business owners from all over the world. For those with a penchant for the East, Dempsey certainly enchants. The majority of the retail outlets here are thematically Asian, bringing about various Asian heritages from all over the region. There is a mélange of art galleries, furniture stores and lifestyle boutiques, most of which import their exhibits and products exclusively from all over Asia, enlivening the place with a collage of Asian touches.

Rouge, a French-design boutique with an Asian twist houses designs by French/Khmer designer Romyda Keth, who brings with her a fluent mix of her Cambodian roots and European influences. Romyda uses flamboyant colours coupled with fabric experimentations to churn out designs that enticed even the Queen of Spain and the Princess of Japan! From fashion wear to accessories, home furniture to lightings, there is a plethora of lifestyle inspirations to choose from, including those of designers Michele d’Albert and Catherine Denoual.

Almost an art village, Dempsey Hill is also where fine art enthusiasts hang around to check out artworks and antiques from all over the globe. The galleries here represent a good blend of international masterpieces and feature a number of Chinese, Indonesian and Vietnamese artists. It might be the the idyllic settings of the hill, but Dempsey Hill possesses the right atmosphere for the mind to stay clear of other distractions in life and dwell deep into the inspiration behind each artwork.

It is no wonder that Ms. Sharon Boh-Friberg, owner of designer eyewear boutique Seen@Dempsey is still very much charmed by Dempsey’s beauty. Ms. Boh Friberg recalls her first impression of the hill. “I fell in love with the lush greenery and its historical architecture. It is a secret garden within the city.” When the idea of opening a boutique optical store came to mind, she instantly thought that Dempsey would be the perfect place to open shop.

Over the years, Dempsey Hill has continued to flourish with vibrancy and oomph. The vicinity is also expanding rapidly, attracting a wide variety of retail and dining concepts to boost its appeal. While it is indeed paradise found amid the clutter of the Singapore cityscape, to enjoy everything and anything, you’ll have to pay a price. Get your wallet ready for a splurge.

That aside, experiencing Dempsey Hill and its charming way of life is itself, a priceless encounter. Looking at how it has evolved and flourished since its launch in 2007, Dempsey Hill has now transcended to truly reflect its tagline “Paradise Found,” – with much more to surprise and marvel at down the pike.

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The Islands of South East Asia

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We are very pleased to unveil our most recent project,
a travel publication focusing on Lifestyle, Culture and Attractions all around Asia. If you’re in the region of South East Asia, do pick up a copy and don’t hesitate to send in your comments and thoughts.

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In this issue
+ The Islands of South East Asia
+ Raja Ampat, Phuket, Puerto Princesa
+ Koh Pha Ngan, Bali
+ New Zealand’s Splashing Lake Taupo
+ A Guide to Middle Eastern Cuisine
+ Heeding the Call of Asia
+ Spotlight on Jakarta
+ Flashpacking Essentials
+ A Tropical Affair


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