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Photo credit - Singapore Tourism Board

The urban jungle of Singapore is a brewing pot of creativity and unique shopping concepts that are hard to find anywhere else in the SE Asia region. No wonder tourists list shopping as one of the top things to do in Singapore! From high-end luxury brands to chevap knock-offs, the little red dot has it all. This time, we focus our lens on Singapore’s custom-made movement and some uniquely Singaporean products.

1. LOVE SG. This local brand represents a new approach to local souvenirs and gifts. Through designs which appeal not just to tourists but locals as well, the brand incorporates a quirky part of Singapore into each product, blending local flavors with international appeal. Instead of cheap low-quality souvenirs, go to their stockists at the Esplanade Shop as well as Trolley (88 Club Street) to hunt for great-looking products with a unique Singapore-centric twists. Their design motto says it all : fun, inspiring and slightly surprising. (

2. CYC The Custom Shop. Established in 1935, CYC The Custom Shop is a Singapore institution with their flagship store located at Raffles Hotel Arcade. Established by founder Chiang Yick Ching, a humble tailor from Shanghai, the fastidious workmanship, quality control and fine attention to detail have become a trademark of the CYC Brand. Through the years, CYC has built a solid reputation as Singapore’s finest shirt maker, famed for creating comfortable shirts that fit perfectly as well as being known for quality workmanship and outstanding service. For best results call ahead to schedule an appointment with their Master Tailor before heading down to the store.

3. Mother and Child Project. This is a social enterprise run by the Singapore Anglican Community Service, the first non-profit social enterprise of Get Singapore. The enterprise helps train women to sew and to create a range of products for Mother and Child Project. This allows the women to become economically self-sufficient, as well as work from home and independently. Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind, so you can wear them with pride.

4. BagAge. This unique boutique located on the 3rd floor of Far East Plaza is the realization of two friends who believe in individuality and appreciate a bag for its design and not it’s label. The boutique allows its customers the ability to personalize clutches and handbags. Customers can choose from various ornaments to be paired with a bag of their color and style choice. The result is a one-of-a-kind custom bag that will exude your personality and individualism. (

5. Ministry of Press. The Ministry of Press is a collective of international t-shirt designers who believe in creating the best designer t-shirts through creative collaboration and stringent designer quality control. Customers can select a fresh, original and limited design to create a t-shirt of your size and color choice from a wide variety of American Apparel styles. Each designs are limited to 100 worldwide, making each t-shirt truly unique. (

Equinox Flair – Chefs with Altitude

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The iconic Equinox Complex in Singapore is turning 10 this year, and it is celebrating with a bang with the return of the annual Chefs With Altitude from 23 to 30 October 2011. The week-long gourmet festival will feature the best in fine dining, mixology and entertainment. The event will feature the return of the illustrious Chef Bruno Menard to JAAN restaurant, where he will be presenting a special menu and helm an exclusive 9-Course Dom Perignon Vintages Dinner. The event will also ushers in a ground-breaking collaboration with Fifteen restaurant in London – three of their chefs, Dean McClumpha, Andrew Parkinson, Trevor Howard and Robin Soutar will present their signature Fifteen menu and culinary experience for diners and guests.

Paying respect to 10 amazing years, The Equinox Complex is proud to announce “10 TRIBUTES TO 10 FABULOUS YEARS OF THE HIGH LIFE” at this year’s Chefs With Altitude with an array of premium events featuring a stellar list of chefs. Highlighting this event is the return of the famed Chef Bruno Menard to JAAN Restaurant where he will be showcasing his special menu on 24, 25, 26, 28 and 29 October and head a very exclusive 9-Course Dom Perignon Vintages Dinner on 27 October (which will be featuring some of the rarest Dom Perignon Champagnes).

Chefs With Altitude 2011 will also usher in a ground-breaking collaboration with Fifteen restaurant in London. Developed by its inspiring founder and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, several remarkable chefs will present their signature Fifteen menu and culinary experience for diners and guests at Equinox Restaurant from 23 – 30 October. They are – Head Pastry Chef Dean McClumpha, Executive Head Chef Andrew Parkinson, Senior Sous Chef Trevor Howard and Restaurant Manager Robin Soutar.

“We are very honored and privileged to bring the team behind Fifteen restaurant to Singapore through this year’s Chefs With Altitude event. The philosophy and quality behind this magnificent culinary institution created by Jamie Oliver is inspiring, and the caliber of their Italian–inspired culinary creations is equally mesmerizing. We are confident that our diners at the Equinox Restaurant, which will showcase these talents’ specially-created menu, will be in for a truly epicurean experience,” says Mr. Nigel Moore, Director of Food & Beverage Service, Swissôtel The Stamford.

For reservations and enquiries about the event, call +65 6837 3322 or email

Graze at Martin No 38

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Graze at Martin No. 38, the latest addition to the Epicure collection, is now open. Located within the stylish Robertson Quay neighborhood, it is a vibrant informal space sure to be a classic hangout spot for all day dining and relaxation. Unearthing Asia talks to the brain behind the venture, young Singaporean entrepreneur Yenn Wong, who also had a hand behind JIA, Hong Kong’s first boutique hotel and the first hospitality venture in Asia by French design guru, Philippe Starck.

Hello there, can you share with us about yourself? What do you do for a living? What is your passion?
I’m Yenn Wong, a Singapore entrepreneur dabbling in hospitality and tourism. I’m the owner of JIA Boutique Hotels, which is currently located in Hong Kong and Shanghai. I also own and operate a few restaurants such as Kha, a casual chic Thai restaurant, the original Graze in Rochester Park, Singapore, as well as 208 Duecento Otto in Hong Kong and Issimo at JIA Shanghai. Food and travel are two of my passions, as can be obviously deduced from my choice of ventures and business dealings.

Tell us more about Graze, your newest restaurant in Robertson Quay
The trend worldwide is to pair up good food with a cool neighborhood atmosphere, and that is exactly what we try to do with Graze. We provide a casual-chic ambiance in a hip neighborhood, not just for lunch, dinner or weekend brunch, but for all-day hangout where you can enjoy artisan coffess or freshly cut charcuterie to nibble over a glass of wine.

What makes Graze special? What can customers expect when they dine here?
Graze has a great “urban country” atmosphere. It is a cool neighborhood bistro in a hip residential enclave with a dash of bohemian vibe – it’s the perfect place for dining or just hanging out over drinks. Guests can expect fresh full-flavored cuisine, an excellent wine list and freshly-brewed artisan coffess from all around the world. And you can choose as well where to enjoy this – in the casual chic interiors or at one of the al-fresco tables outside.

Define Graze in 5 words
Casual-chic, fresh, relaxing, delicious, friendly.

Tell us more about Singapore, what dining trends are you seeing in Singapore? What makes it different compared to other countries?
The Integrated Resorts have helped to attract higher level of celebrity chef and restaurant offerings in Singapore, creating greater awareness and profile for the industry. Italian eateries and ethnic foods like Thai cuisines are gaining more popularity, and there is also a number of chefs dabbling in the modern molecular movement.

The dining scene has definitely moved up a couple of notches over the years, with more quality concepts coming up for the customers to choose from. It truly is a Food Paradise now, consisting of various local and international cuisine. Singapore is also quite fortunate in the sense that there are plenty amazing spaces for restaurant venues as compared to other cities.

How do diners expectations in Singapore compare to diners in other cities in the world?
Singaporeans love to be the first to check out new places, they like variety. The dining public are much more interested and more knowledgeable in food safety, country of origin, status and more. There is also a growing awareness and appreciation for eco-movements such as carbon footprint, organic status and other similar movements.

Is has been said before that many young Singapore chefs are preferring to study western cuisines instead in traditional local cuisine. How true do you think this is and is it a problem?
Singapore is a melting pot of ethnic cuisines and global populations. It would be such a shame if more local chefs did not show a greater interest in their local cuisine/heritage. Due to the influx/growth of international tourism, the industry finds itself having to offer a greater range of cuisines/foods to its customer base – and it just so happens, that some western cuisines are in greater demand, not only in Singapore but globally.
That said, this presents a wonderful opportunity at this country’s doorstep to educate, inform, titillate and excite both local residents and inbound visitors, just how wonderful some of the heritage foods and established dishes of Singapore really are.

What do you enjoy most about being in the F&B industry in Singapore?
There is a great diversity of food cultures in Singapore. You can never go hungry and generally it is still very economical to eat out, be it at one of the upmarket restaurants, funky cafes or local hawker stalls. We have fantastic access to some pretty amazing food and materials from all over the world.
What do the best restaurants need to do to stand out or get a solid reputation in Singapore?
A good restaurant need to have a clear identity, a well planned concept and defined product/offering. They need a good team of people to consistently deliver on the key values and key selling points of the establishment. It is pertinent that there is always consistency in the food and the service. And last but not least, they need to offer good value to the customer.

What’s your favorite local food? What do you like about it so much?
I think my favourite would have to be crab bee hoon, soup or fried. It’s so exclusive to Singapore, and the seafood taste works really well with bland noodles like bee hoon. You can really taste the freshness.

Thanks for your time Yenn! Good luck with the new restaurant!

Graze is a casual-chic all-day restaurant featuring fresh, full-flavored cuisine with crisp, clean flavours and seductive taste combination. Located at Martin No 38, Grazy is a vibrant space with an informal and fresh approach. Find out more about the restaurant at

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Outdoor Magic at Sky on 57

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There’s another reason to visit Sky on 57, a fine-dining establishment that is fast acquiring iconic status amongst the city-state’s gourmet connoisseurs. Helmed by Singapore’s favorite culinary son, Justin Quek, the establishment now boast an Outdoor Terrace which allow guests to enjoy post dinner drinks or late night snacks accompanied by stunning night views and relaxing lounge music.

Enjoy a unique serving of local inspirations such as Rendang Beef made with Wagyu and Laksa with Lobster, all crafted delicately by Quek’s refined skills and stellar ingredients. These creative renditions of local favorites are most definitely unlike their regular counterparts, and makes for an interesting dinner experience.

After which, head on to the newly opened Outdoor Terrace, open from 3pm daily, a lounge bar area at the entrance of Sky on 57 where you can indulge on bar-inspired bites and tapas such as Kurobuta Pork and Grilled Oyster Mushroom, as well as specially crafted cocktails and juices. In the evening, the bar concept extends outdoors and guests are given more options and choices. There will also be an Oyster Bar, which offers a wide range of fresh oysters from all around the world. These variety of oysters will be hand-picked by Chef Justin Quek, who will filter them for quality and supreme taste.

Another planned addition is a regular light entertainment in the form of a Micro DJ concept. This will be a perfect fit for Outdoor Terrace, which gives guests a relaxing ambiance to add to the chill-out atmosphere. Guests can enjoy a beer or champagne as they wind down their evenings with tapas, fresh oysters or even supper from Sky on 57.

At the end of July, DJ Seng Wei will be coming to perform at the Outdoor Terrace. This Singapore DJ has performed in Asia and Australia, and draws his inspirations from a variety of genres – jazz, classical, electro and rock. With the unbeatable combination of magical views, fabulous food and drinks and light entertainments, Sky on 57 is the perfect venue for all your entertainment needs.

Reservations for Sky on 57 are strongly recommended. You can book your tables by calling +65 6688 8857 or sending an email to

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Three of the Best Asian Cities to Rent An Apartment

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Singapore City - Photo Credit - Singapore Tourism Board

With so much to see and do in Asia, sometimes a holiday isn’t enough time, and back-packing isn’t the most comfortable way to see what some of the cities have to offer. Somewhere in-between, is staying a week or so in a luxury apartment right in the heart of all the sights and amenities, but with enough autonomy to gain a sense of what it’s like to live there.


Shanghai is speedily becoming one of the most desirable destinations for tourists. With a growing high-fashion reputation, and some beautiful classic gardens; Shanghai appeals to everyone. For an exclusive luxury apartment in the heart of the city, take a look City Base Apartments for the Somerset Xu Hui Apartments. With an indoor pool, a fully-equipped gym, and a children’s playground; a stay here is the perfect indulgence in the increasingly glamorous and sophisticated Chinese city.

With a 3.4-mile long premier shopping street; Nanjing Road; Shanghai has some of the best clothes shops in the world, and is a must-visit for the fashion-savvy. Take a step into another world and visit the Yuyuan Garden, an expanse of five acres filled with 400 year-old rockeries and pavilions, stunning exotic flowers, and glistening ponds.


Whether for business or pleasure, a stay in Singapore City will leave you wanting more. Situated next to the Central Business District, the Orchard Parksuites provide a stay drenched in luxury and affluence. Fully-equipped with every modern convenience thinkable, and boasting its very own maid service; there is no other way to experience Singapore city-living than here.

A visit to Singapore City wouldn’t be complete without a ride on the world’s largest observation wheel, the Singapore flyer. This is a once in a lifetime experience which is equally as breath-taking by day as it is by night. With an array of elegant restaurants, indulgent spas, and the finest shopping malls; a trip to Singapore City is the ultimate extravagance.


Known as the centre of software development, Bangalore in India has a reputation as the economic and IT hub of India. However, this culturally-diverse city is also home to many parks and gardens which provide relief from the bustling city streets. The Lal Bagh is a garden located in the southern part of the city, packed with lotus ponds, fountains, glass houses, and ancient stone formations.

The Residency Road Apartments can be found in the heart of the city, and these elegantly furnished apartments are just a two-minute walk from the beautiful Cubbon Park. With plenty of traditional food stores, you can experience new flavours and a healthy way of life all whilst cooking in a luxury apartment.

Staying in an apartment offers you a luxurious, secure, and comfortable stay; all whilst enjoying your own independence. Providing you with a unique experience with which you can truly appreciate the local way of life; apartment renting offers the perfect balance between a package holiday, and traveling.

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Men’s Fashion Week Singapore 2011

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The latest luxe accommodation in Singapore, the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, played proud host to the recently concluded Men’s Fashion Week 2011 Singapore. The prestigious festival put Singapore on the map as it became the first Asian city, and only the third in the world, after Paris and Milan, to host the most distinguished men’s fashion event on the calendar. The five-day inaugural men’s fashion event showcased the Autumn Winter 2011 collections of over 30 renowned brands from all over the world, several of which can be found exclusively in Singapore at The Shoppes.

Marina Bay Sands Interim CEO and Managing Director of Global Development for Las Vegas Sands Corp, Mr. George Tanasijevich, said, “The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands boasts a lifestyle concept like no other. The exciting retail mix with a combination of luxury, new-to-market labels and popular brands, makes The Shoppes the premier shopping destination. The organizers of Men’s Fashion Week in Singapore recognized how Marina Bay Sands is transforming the lifestyle scene in Singapore and how we are injecting a lot of firsts in the retail scene here. By hosting Asia’s first Men’s Fashion Week we have demonstrated our ability to attract only the best in the industry.”

Organized by Fide Multimedia Pte Ltd and One International Holdings Pte Ltd, MFW 2011 Singapore’s Chairman, Frank Cintamani, said, “Men’s style consciousness has come of age and men’s fashion has come out from the shadows of the female-centric fashion industry and this is an opportune time for a Men’s Fashion Week to be held in this part of the world, with Singapore as the ideal place, given that the cosmopolitan city-state is increasingly recognized as the region’s fashion hub”. 

“We envisioned MFW 2011 Singapore to serve as an opportunity for regional and local men’s wear designers to showcase their collection, alongside the internationally-renowned labels; and it will also cement Singapore’s position as the go-to country in search of quality, renowned menswear brands for shoppers in Asia. We are also heartened to have received the local support of fashion giants like FJ Benjamin, Kwang Sia and the Valiram Group,” added Cintamani.

The festival was spearheaded by three well-known personality in the showbiz industry. Asian male supermodel, Philip Huang, who hasked walked the runways of Paris, Milan and New York, was one of the face of MFW 2011 Singapore and will take on the catwalk for various brands during the five-day fashion event. Accompanying him are Utt and Julian Hee. Utt was the voice of MFW 2011, and was the host of all the principal MFW events. He was the style icon representing the close relationship between music and fashion, a cross-disciplinary collaborations that are often seen in the creative world today. Finally, we have Julian Hee, who is a true Singapore success story of a model turned actor, who has used his celebrity status to support, nurture and promote young Singapore design talents.

Photos courtesy of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

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World Gourmet Summit 2011

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Singapore’s most esteemed culinary event returned with aplomb in celebration of its 15th anniversary. The annual gastronomic extravaganza, which brings together the finest in the culinary industry, boasted an exciting line-up of renowned celebrity chefs, masterchefs and world-class vintners.

This year, the much anticipated event brought to the island state household celebrity chefs such as Rachel Allen, Edward Kwon, Michael Ginor as well as Andrew Turner. On top of that, the festival also showcased a strong Asian presence with the participation of seven highly esteemed chefs from China, India, Japan and Korea – the highest ever number of Asian chefs at a World Gourmet Summit event.

Other than celebrity chef Edward Kwon, diners were dazzled by masterchef Yim Jung Sik, Tam Kwok Fung, Manish Mehrotra, Keisuke Matsushima, Shinichiro Takagi and Yuji Wakiya. Photos courtesy of Peter Knipp Holdings, World Gourmet Summit.

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