Thai Takeaway – Eating Out in Thailand

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Photo credit - Stuart Spivack

Photo credit - Stuart Spivack

The majority of travellers to Thailand will speak of its superb cuisine and more often than not, it’s the one thing that holidaymakers seem to miss the most after their Thailand holidays.

Food in the Kingdom of Thailand is both healthy and incredibly delicious, the prices are also so low that it is easier and much cheaper to eat out every meal time than it is to buy everything from the local supermarkets and prepare it where you’re staying, something that’s quite the contrary if you were to holiday in Europe or the U.S.

If you’re travelling from a western country, you’ll find that Thailand’s portions are much smaller than what you’ve been used to, however the costs are that low that you can get away with having regular meals throughout the day, either from restaurants or the streets. Western food is also a rarity is Thailand, if you’re looking for something a little more familiar, then you should look for an expat owned restaurants or stall. The majority of Thai restaurants will try and cater for your western food desires, however you’ll find that most attempts will leave you disappointed and much more out of pocket, as it costs as much as five times more than if you were to opt for something off of the local menu.

When it comes to food, Thailand has its heroes such as the Thai Chilli pepper, which will bombard your taste buds making you cry, sweat, laugh and begging for more all at the same time. Pad Thai can be found almost anywhere and is Thailand’s most classical dish. It consists of flat, stir fried noodles mixed with vegetables and there’s even the option to include egg, peanuts, tofu and meat. Don’t expect the Pad Thai taste to remain consistent when you venture between restaurants, as different places will use different ingredients depending on whatever’s the cheapest that day.

Thailand is abundant with street carts selling a large variety of food, which is cheaper than what you can find in the restaurants. You’ll be spoilt for choice with foods such as your typical tofu and seafood to more daring foods such as deep fried insects. The street food is actually quite safe, regardless of its appearance, as long as you eat only what is cooked right in front of you and choose to buy your food from the more busy areas, as you’ll avoid old ingredients and food which may have been sitting out for hours. The street food is especially ideal for those who are on a budget during short breaks to Thailand, for around 150 baht (equivalent to £3) you could find enough delicious street food to satisfy the hungriest of bellies!

Food in Thailand is delicious, cheap and plentiful, however the local people care and work incredibly hard for their meals, so try and ensure that you can finish every meal, as wasting food, particularly rice, is considered disrespectful.

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