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The Unearthing Asia magazine is a beautifully crafted 120 pages of travel tidbits covering all kinds of content – Lifestyle, Culture and Attractions, all over the region of Asia. First launched in December 2009, the quarterly magazine is distributed in major bookstores all over Singapore, Malaysia, and major cities in Indonesia – Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Bandung, and more.

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Latest Issue – Festive Asia

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In this issue
+ Tokyo’s Epicurean Star
+ Bangkok, Luxe & Posh
+ NZ Wine Paradise
+ Culinary Yogyakarta
+ Urban East
+ Magical Nirvana
+ Fresh Kinilaw


8 Comments on "The Magazine"

  1. Unearthing Asia Issue 03 - Lost Paradise | Unearthing Asia on Thu, 24th Jun 2010 8:41 am 

    […] Download PDF     Browse Online     Subscribe Now! […]

  2. mismichy on Sat, 10th Jul 2010 5:40 pm 

    Thanks for rekindling my love for Asia! It’s like stepping out of the ordinary into the extraordinary. I can’t wait to read the next issue! Thumbs up for the team :)

  3. James Look on Sun, 25th Jul 2010 6:16 pm 

    i recently subscribed to your magazine by Paypal-
    So where is the issue?

  4. Nik on Mon, 26th Jul 2010 2:54 am 

    Hiya there James,

    Our next issue will be out in September, the upcoming issue 04.

    Or do you intend to start your subscription from Issue 03 onwards?



  5. Yen on Sat, 9th Oct 2010 12:08 pm 

    got load of travel ideas, great stuff

  6. Unearthing Asia – Festive Asia! on Fri, 21st Jan 2011 10:47 am 

    […] Subscribe Now! […]

  7. wino on Sun, 20th Mar 2011 6:11 pm 

    how come you don’t have much articles about the Philippines? :(

  8. Six Line Best Climbing in Asia Version Unearthing Asia | on Fri, 8th Apr 2011 11:36 am 

    […] As a mixture of large and expansive continent with the island countries, Asia is a dynamic geological landscape. Plus the volcanic activity in the Pacific Islands. The result is a fantastic place for walkers and climbers. The area has many beautiful landscapes, from the warm beaches, tropical forests, to the snowy mountains. This time, we highlight the route that you get closer to nature. following we present a list of six best route in Asia version Unearthing Asia […]

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